In May 2014 we first set out our commitment to alleviate and reduce poverty amongst our customers and in our communities.
Our pledges responded to and built upon the recommendations made by the Greater Manchester Poverty Commission and covered five priority themes; financial inclusion, fuel poverty, food poverty, digital inclusion and employment & skills.
In January 2017 we refreshed our pledges, building on the five existing themes and making a commitment on two additional themes; social value and housing supply.
We collectively pledge to support, promote, continue and implement a range of activities that help us address these priorities. We are making a commitment to act both individually and collectively, both within the housing sector and in partnership with others.
We recognise that, as separate organisations each with our own governance structures, for some providers some pledges are aspirational.
Our pledges directly contribute to the priorities set out in the Greater Manchester Strategy and the GM Growth and Reform Plan.

You can read about the pledge by downloading the document below.

GM Housing Providers Anti-Poverty Pledges 2017

A total of seven pledges have been made, and you can read more about each one below, with case studies from our members.

Financial Inclusion

We will improve access to financial advice and services for existing and prospective tenants.

Financial Inclusion – City West – Breakfast Club

Financial Inclusion – City West – Mustard Tree

Financial Inclusion – FCHO – Income Collection

Financial Inclusion – IVHA- Denton Outreach

Financial Inclusion – IVHA- Manchester Credit Union Partnership

Financial Inclusion – IVHA- Work with United Utilities

Financial Inclusion – Stockport Homes – One Team Approach

Fuel Poverty

We will promote initiatives designed to reduce energy bills across Greater Manchester.

Fuel Poverty – FCHO – Warm Homes Oldham

Fuel Poverty – Mossbank Homes – Money Matters

Fuel Poverty – Northwards Housing – Carbon Literacy RPS Consortium

Fuel Poverty – Stockport Homes – Energy Advice Service

Food Poverty and Sustainability

We will support the creation of a coordinated and sustainable approach to tackling food poverty.

Food Poverty – BH – Sown in Bolton

Food Poverty – IVHA – Foodbanks

Food Poverty – Stockport Homes – Your Local Pantry

Food Poverty – WCHG – Unit E and Real Food Demo Kitchen

Digital Inclusion

We will reduce the levels of digital exclusion in our neighbourhoods.

Digital Inclusion – Adactus – Retirement Living Get Connected

Digital Inclusion – City West – DigiSmart

Digital Inclusion – Mossbank Homes – Digital Ancestry and Cooking Through the Ages

Digital Inclusion – Salix Homes – WiFi in High Rise Blocks

Digital Inclusion – Stockport Homes – Partnership with Starting Point

Digital Inclusion – Symphony – Connect with Contour

Digital Inclusion – Wythenshawe Community Housing Group – Benchill Community Centre

Social Value and The Living Wage

We will use our influence to achieve social value outcomes that are relevant to our customers and communities.

Social Value – THT – Procurement

Employment and Skills

We will make tackling poverty an explicit aim in our business plans and strategies.

Employment and Skills – BH – Journey Into Work

Employment and Skills – FCHO – Directions Employment Service

Employment and Skills – Stockport Homes – Employment Support Offer

Employment and Skills – Stockport Homes – Skills for Life Sector Based Training

Employment and Skills – Symphony – Talent Match

Employment and Skills – WCHG – Real Opportunities

Housing Supply

We will support the GMCA to deliver the homes needed in the sub region.

Housing Supply – Great Places – Development Programme

Our wider commitment

In addition to our pledges we will:

  • Support the voluntary and community sector to address poverty and ensure that, wherever possible, social capital is increased at a community level to promote and enable self-help, independence and community resilience
  • Support the development of an economy for all by continuing to work with Greater Manchester Poverty Action, the Greater Manchester Poverty Commission and New Economy.
  • Use equality analysis to ensure that all our services and strategies are ‘poverty proofed’.
  • Identify and respond to the needs of specific groups affected by poverty in our communities with particular focus on those who are negatively affected by welfare reform, those with mental health or substance abuse issues and those in low paid or insecure

Poverty Proofing – Bolton at Home – Equality Analysis

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