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Zero-carbon and environmental sustainability

Decarbonisation is a critical and significant challenge, and collaborative working, both across GMHP and with the wider sector, is crucial to meeting national and Greater Manchester zero carbon targets and delivering lasting change that resets how we build and look after our homes.

GMHP members are committed to working together to agree a common approach to delivering zero-carbon housing across the city region, focused on meaningful strategies and action that are deliverable and effective at scale. Across the partnership we are already pooling data, resources, best practice and purchasing power to expedite effective solutions and drive value.

Partners and residents are key

We recognise that we can’t achieve our ambitions alone, and so we are developing a range of external partnerships to help meet our objectives. GMHP’s lead for zero carbon, Colette McKune (Chief Executive at ForHousing) sits on the Greater Manchester Retrofitting Task Force, ensuring our members can help shape the wider city region strategy. And crucially, we are committed to putting tenants at the heart of our move to zero carbon housing. GMHP members are focused on involving tenants to co-produce our plans, and maximising employment, skills, training and other opportunities that will become available as we shape new solutions and further embrace green industries.

It’s important local people benefit in other ways too, and through this agenda we are looking to maximise opportunities to tackle inequalities and fuel poverty, drive health creation build financial resilience and encourage residents in our communities across the city region to embrace sustainable living.

Beyond the decarbonisation of our homes, GMHP members are also actively supporting the wider Green City Region agenda and working hard to ensure we mange our homes, organisations and communities in an environmentally sustainable way.