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Better homes, better neighbourhoods, better health

The Tripartite Agreement is a unique collaboration between GMHP, the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, and the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership to deliver positive change across the city region.

The Agreement offers a compelling commitment to the people of Greater Manchester, setting out our collective vision to work alongside local people, neighbourhoods and stakeholder organisations to create lasting solutions to complex issues and challenges centred on housing, health creation, and homelessness.

Aligning our expertise and influence

Launched in March 2021, the Agreement brings together our joint ambitions and priorities, and formalises how we will align our expertise, resources, influence and capacity with our partners at GMCA and GMHSCP to deliver better outcomes with local people, in a more integrated and effective way.

At its heart, the Agreement emphasises the importance of good quality housing as a building block of health creation and wellbeing that underpins people’s ability to build a better quality of life. And crucially, it puts GMHP members at the centre of long-term housing and health strategy in Greater Manchester.

Tackling the housing and homelessness crisis, being able to live in a secure and stable home and have access to support for health or care needs, are all fundamental to being able to live a healthy life. This new agreement will build on the unique involvement we have in Greater Manchester between our health and social care services, our housing providers and local government. We have proved we can deliver and now we will go further and faster in improving health, housing and quality of life.

Our strategic commitments

At the core of the Tripartite Agreement are seven strategic commitments that will guide the delivery of joint projects and initiatives ‘on the ground’.

1. Supporting health creation for future generations

We will embrace health creating strategies and practices, championing public service reform and creating inclusive and sustainable transformation. Our focus will be to truly embed the role of housing in joined-up action on improving health.

2. Creating safe places for people to start well, live well and age well

Good housing is the bedrock of health creation, and we will build more of the ‘right’ type of homes, creating a quality environment for those homes and ensuring that services are provided to support people to live in them for longer.

3. Focusing on those who need the most support

We will make the most of this unique opportunity to truly embed the role of housing in joined-up action on improving health, driving forward plans to improve outcomes for vulnerable households who are often at greater risk from poor housing conditions and health inequalities.

4. Supporting people who are homeless and rough sleepers

We will continue our strong track record of innovation and collective working to prevent and tackle homelessness and rough sleeping, delivering access to appropriate care, supporting independence, reducing the need for crisis services and building on people’s potential.

5. Improving access and choice to quality homes and neighbourhoods

We want to create opportunities for local people to live in better-quality environments. This means creating better neighbourhood environments and creating more clarity around access to better homes across a variety of tenures.

6. Maximising our positive impact on the environment and the economy

We will maximise the positive impact of our partnership, contributing to zero carbon and the Green City Region agendas, and embedding social value into our procurement, ensuring new training, employment and apprenticeship opportunities are delivered through spending the Greater Manchester pound.

7. Using our influence for change

Using our expertise, experience and evidence, we will influence and lobby for change on local, regional and national platforms, pushing the boundaries and bringing innovation, initially focused on lobbying to create a positive lasting legacy from the Covid-19 recovery.


Watch the video below to hear Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham, talk about the importance of the Tripartite Agreement and joined up thinking on housing and health.