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About One Manchester

One Manchester is a provider of housing and community services. Formed in April 2015 from an historic merger between two of Manchester’s largest housing associations – City South and Eastlands Homes, we currently own and manage more than 12,000 homes in central, south and east Manchester. As an experienced and trustworthy landlord, we provide good quality homes that are safe, secure, warm and affordable.

Our role is to ensure that everybody can afford a good quality home, no matter what their stage of life or individual circumstances. First and foremost, our approach to housing provision is based around being flexible and responding to the needs of each of our customers, as well as the communities they live in. We understand that things in life can take an unexpected turn for better or for worse. We therefore look to provide a wide range of housing options so that our customers can move between each choice, as and when they need to.

One Manchester’s customers have access to a range of tenure options. We provide social housing for people who cannot currently afford to rent at market rates. We also offer homes to rent at market rates for when people can afford this option. For those looking to purchase their own home, we offer schemes such as shared ownership and rent to buy.

We also believe that our responsibilities go much further than providing good quality, affordable homes. Our view is that housing associations are all about place-making. We exist to play an active role in developing our communities. We help people manage their money, find work, start-up businesses and stay healthy and well. In directing our attention to the needs of individual people – the very reason we exist – we aim to create places that will thrive and prosper.