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About Stockport Homes Group

Stockport Homes was formed in 2005, to manage housing stock across Stockport on behalf of Stockport Council. As a limited company, we operate as an ALMO which is an ‘Arm’s length management organisation’, so whilst the company is owned by the Council, we operate independently on day-to-day matters and delivering services to our customers.

We are looking forward to the future, having signed a brand new management agreement with the Council in 2015, we will be continuing to manage homes and transform lives until 2042.

During 2016 we extended our services, through a new trading company ‘Three Sixty’ and a development company ‘Viaduct’ – the new companies mark an exciting period of growth for us along with bringing in new staff members and services under the ‘Stockport Homes Group’ umbrella.

In 2019 we established ‘Foundations Stockport’, a community benefit society which will work to alleviate poverty and provide positive opportunities to improve the lives of people in Stockport.

The Stockport Homes Group ‘ASPIRE’ culture makes sure we are delivering the services you need, and that we are much more than just a landlord by helping to transform lives.

Ambition – We have the ambition and courage to challenge; translating this into commercial succes and brilliant outcomes for customers

Social Responsibility – We always try to do the right thing; using our role as a service provider, employer and buyer to generate trust, build our communities and empower our people

Passion – We have a passion for what we do; with positive, motivated and enthusiastic staff who enjoy their work

Innovation – We are innovative in everything we do; with the agility, creativity and edge to keep defying expectations and deliver fresh and exciting things

Respect – We treat each other with respect; supporting and inspiring one another and collaborating across teams and partnerships

Excellence – We continually improve how we work; challenging the status quo, learning from what goes well and always being professional