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Ensuring we build back better and fairer from the pandemic

Covid-19 has brought into even sharper focus some of the key issues GMHP has been addressing for many years, such as the importance of good housing to mental and physical health, and the poverty, job insecurity and inequalities that mean the most vulnerable have been hardest hit by the pandemic.

GMHP is now working directly with GMCA to support and implement a system-wide approach to deliver the Combined Authority’s ‘Living with Covid Resilience Plan’. Taking our collective learning from the pandemic, we will also input into the into the refresh of the Greater Manchester Ten Year Strategy and Mental Health and Housing Strategy.

Measures we are taking to tackle the financial impact of Covid and build resilience within our communities include supporting 1500 people into work, 10,000 with training and development, creating 400 apprentice opportunities and 200 kickstart placements during 2021/22. We are also developing programmes to support people into the zero carbon and digital industries.

In addition, we are developing a strengthened, consistent approach to mental health support and awareness across GMHP members, have launched an updated Poverty Pledge in our fight against poverty, and have provided housing with support for 500+ homeless people through our range of homelessness projects.

Our Covid-resilience plan in numbers


homeless people housed through our projects


people we aim to support into work in 2021/22


apprenticeship opportunities we will create in 2021/22


residents we aim to help with training and skills development

GMHP’s Covid Resilience Plan directly feeds into that of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, focusing on major issues that the city region as a whole need to respond to, building resilience and tackling inequalities revealed or exacerbated by the pandemic.