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Tree work, firewood & kindling, timber products, consultancy, biomass woodchip and site clearance & stump grinding.


Tree Station, Vaughan Street, West Gorton, Manchester, M12 5FQ

We are based in Central Manchester but generally conduct work all over Greater Manchester – although we have worked further afield (North Wales, Sheffield, Yorkshire, Derbyshire) in the past.

Social Value

TreeStation is a Social Enterprise and a Company for the Benefit of the Community. We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment but maximising our involvement in community projects in deprived areas wherever possible. We employ a Community Officer who promotes the business, our ethos and administers our Community Benefit scheme where we offer free and discounted timber resources, tree work and expertise to projects within Greater Manchester working on food growing, educational or environmental landscaping projects.

Case Study

We work with Stockport Homes Group on a tree work contract – this involves regular maintenance, ad hoc work and emergency cover. We also provide tree planting services and consultancy.