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Collections of redundant timber (not furniture) from construction and housing via EMERGE Recycling. We assess the wood and bring what we can reuse back to our yard and wood store for reselling and upcycling into benches, planters, tables, etc. What we cannot reuse we take for wood recycling locally in GM.


EMERGE Recycling, Melanie Maynard House, New Smithfield Market, Manchester, M11 2WJ

Collect wood from Greater Manchester and potentially the surrounding areas depending on quality and quantities (we offer up to a 7.5t truck for collections). Offer wood for reuse for people who can get to our site; can deliver depending on distance, for a charge

Social Value

We create sustainable jobs: we employ local people and upskill them within EMERGE Recycling. Our Touch Wood shop and workshop (run by EMERGE 3Rs, our charity sister) where we make products and sell to the public is open to the public as a service for reusable wood and wood products from reclaimed wood. Last year we salvaged over 70 tonnes of wood which would otherwise have gone to incineration.

We also offer volunteering and training to people to gain new skills, hone existing skills and gain confidence etc through employability support; volunteers and trainees gain hard skills (qualifications) and soft skills (for example confidence, motivation, increased insights in to what they want to do, what additional skills and learning they need in order to gain employment).

Case Study

We have made products for example, for the drop-in centre in Clayton (bookcase and table from velodrome wood); we have benefited from the community grant to help our social enterprise to grow in 2019-20