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We are specialists in delivering customer satisfaction surveys within the housing sector. We talk to residents and tenants about the services they receive and the data we collect is then used to help develop and improve the services delivered by our clients.

We complete the full range of tenant satisfaction surveys, such as STAR, Repairs & maintenance, Major improvement works, ASB, Lettings, Contact centre and many more. Our clients include Rochdale Boroughwide Housing, Sheffield City Council, Newark & Sherwood Homes and Norwich City Council.

We deliver all our satisfaction surveys by telephone interview and guarantee high quality standards with every call. Our team take the time to properly listen to customers, collect accurate and useful information and feedback without bias. We provide results to weekly or monthly timescales in a variety of report formats that are tailored to best suit the client.


Viewpoint Research, 53 Mowbray Street, Sheffield, S3 8EN

We are based in Sheffield, with further offices in Leeds and Doncaster. As our work is telephone-based we are able to work with clients across the UK.

Social Value

Our social mission is to create employment opportunities for people removed from the job market, such as those with a disability or disadvantage or people who are long-term unemployed and need a route back into work. At Viewpoint we can offer flexible hours to fit round the needs of our staff and a working environment that is supportive of everyone’s needs. Ultimately, we are able to offer enjoyable, fulfilling and sustainable careers.

We are the only social enterprise in our sector, and it is because we have a team as diverse as your tenants that we achieve our quality and service performance levels. Our team are exceptionally motivated, kind & empathetic listeners and show quality and kindness in every call.

Case Study

We have worked with Rochdale Boroughwide Housing since 2018 to deliver their STAR survey, over a three-year period. We also carry out ad-hoc surveys for them, such as collecting tenant views on digital inclusion.

We complete the STAR survey on a monthly basis, completing set quotas of telephone interviews with tenants according to their age, area they live and whether they are members of RBH. Over the year we complete 1255 surveys which gives a 95% confidence level to their results.

Gina Tomlinson, Customer Insight Lead at RBH said: “As with all tenders we had to look at cost and quality but also at RBH we look at social value and what our partners can provide in terms of social value. What is particularly important for us with the STAR survey, where the people you go with are dealing directly with your customers, is that we find people who share our values. And that is what we have got with Viewpoint. They tick all the boxes.”